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Our Friend Luca : Volunteering in Rusinga Island, Kenya

A small island village on Lake Victoria, Rusinga has seen its share of hardships and welcomed volunteers like Luca: an idol, an inspiration, a giver, a lifeline, and a friend. During four months, he provided more to the Kenyan island than anyone could’ve imagined.

A Madagascar Morning : Building Bridges

“Stomach?” he asked holding his belly. “Head?” he asked placing a palm on his forehead.
“No, no. I’m okay. I am here from Mauritius.”
Confused, he hesitated to let me inside and reiterated the lack of English. A few minutes later he’d be kissing my camera and hugging me tightly. Here’s the story

Leopard Spotted : Skirted Safaris in Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park

When dressing for an early morning safari, you don’t typically dress to impress. But maybe you should! Here’s how four females in flowing skirts were said to be the attractors of the shiest cat in the park : The Spotted Leopard.
Here’s a rare look at this majestic animal as well as elephants, buffalos, wild boar and more found inside Yala National Park in eastern Sri Lanka.

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