Le Tour de France

Can I just say how many butterflies I have right now, knowing the Tour de France will swing by TOMORROW??! The butterflies aren’t just in my stomach. They’re everywhere- my legs,  my arms my face… just wanting to get out and jump and shout.

We hope to see some of these cuties in the race as well!
We hope to see some of these cuties in the race as well!

A great friend wrote a week or so ago that this was a trip to fulfill many bucket list items. Oh My God-  he is so right! And funny thing, he’s the one that got me into cycling in El Paso, so this bucket list item is probably one we’ve got in common.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to Ben’s friends’ house in the mountains as these world class cyclists pass by at the end of Stage 13. It’ll be an all day partie. I hope they know I’ll be standing roadside all day- From the leaders to the stragglers, I have no plans to take my eyes off the road.

Le Tour de France
Le Tour de France “Attraction Universelle”

Saturday Le Tour actually takes off from Grenoble- just a few blocks from Ben’s home. AAAAAH! There are no words! Actually there are so many words that when they try to come out, it’s all just AAAAH!
Smiles and exclamation points all around!

Tour de France, here we come!!!!!

Here’s the link if you’d like to read more at Le Tour’s website, specifically for Stage 14, which will begin in Grenoble at the same park where we enjoyed the Bastille Day fireworks earlier this week: http://www.letour.fr/le-tour/2014/us/stage-14.html

3 thoughts on “Le Tour de France

  1. I am loving your posts – not only the subjects but how beautifully you express yourself. I love Butterflies!! Yes, massive bucket list adventure. No regrets later in life! I am so glad we met at a Meetup which led to me lending you my mountain bike to try out the bike club. Isn’t serendipidy wonderful??!! Keep tasting and savoring life and real living!!

    adventuring and savoring real.living


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