Flying High

103 pounds all packed up (shhh…don’t tell about the extra 3, they let it slide) 😉 Ready to hit the skies!


Bonus: Jet Lag doesn’t exist in Kuwait! At least I hope not since teaching starts 8 hours after touching ground. In the carry ons: Computer, 2 books to read, 1 math book and 1 Arabic book. Water, food, makeup, and chicle to keep those ear pops to a minimum.

Making a trade, from French to Arabic
Making a trade, from French to Arabic

The days that were supposed to be spent in Minnesota as they processed my visa ended up being over three weeks. Waited for the work permit. Waited for the Visa. Waited for a call saying the Kuwait Consulate in Los Angeles would only accept money orders- not the check I’d sent. Waited as my Visa and Passport and all the travel documents needed to get me over there disappeared from the Post Office’s radar on their way back from LA to Minnesota. Waited at the post office Saturday morning at 6:30 to pick up the papers after they suddenly appeared again (HUGE sigh of relief there!) Maybe I learned patience? No, not really. But I did accomplish so many tasks that I didn’t know would ever ever happen.

Like the quilt I began crocheting seven years ago. Finished all 36 square feet of that baby (check it out!!)


The photos stored on two old laptops that have accompanied me cross country several times. Got an external drive, swiped those beauties off the hard drives, and sent the laptops to Best Buy’s recycle center.

Old CDs finally got turned into iTunes playlists.

I had extra time to visit Mom and Utah at their new home in Ohio, even though when I left for Europe we shed a few tears thinking that’d be the last time we’d see each other until next year.

WP_20140822_026 P1070513

Myles (my car) got a nice interior and exterior cleanse.

Hali (the pup) got a few extra throws of the ever-precious tennis balls that she worships day and night.

WP_20140822_004 WP_20140821_005

We got to have a campfire and roast hot dogs, hang out at the beach with my gorgeous cousin, her adorable son, and her sister.

I got to see lots of beauties from high school and enjoy a sunshiny brunch downtown Minneapolis with the college girls. And go kayaking with an awesome aunt.

P1070504 P1070489

The idea that the first day I was to report at Dasman School in Kuwait was August 18th and students started on September 1st was always on my mind. It was really quite bothersome and pesky. But really, maybe waiting isn’t so bad. Each of those little activities are so normal, but each was so appreciated, knowing that soon they no longer would be the norm. That made each pretty special, and made me look at each person with an “I love ya!” approach.

P1070503 WP_20140820_004

Did waiting an extra 3 weeks teach me patience? Not really. There were always ants in my pants and it made me turn into a crabby chick any many times. But it did remind me to appreciate where I was and who I was with.

After all that waiting, all those calls and emails between myself, the school, and the consulate, they decided to expedite the final step: the plane ticket. Monday morning, September 1st, I received an email with a flight itinerary: to leave Tuesday, September 2nd! The very next day!

So here I am at the airport, ready to take off. And in just over 24 hours, at 9:30pm Kuwait time on Wednesday, I will arrive in the country I’ll call home for the next year.

To keep up the speed-demon feeling, the very next morning I’m to report to school at 6am.

After all that wait, life sure is going quickly! Let’s do this!

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