Thank You.

First Night in Kuwait
First Night in Kuwait

The adventure has truly begun. Ten days in, and I’ve tried several times to write something that you might enjoy reading. I want to tell you about the journey here, the school, my apartment, my peers, my students. I want to tell you about the culture shock, the food, the hot hot heat. But before I can begin all that, I need to tell you something bigger. Despite me being here and you being there, I commit to doing my best to be a part of birthdays, anniversaries, births, weddings, and any other event that happens to you. Wherever you are and wherever I am. If you’re reading this, you are important to me and I am thinking of you. Please don’t forget that even though there’s a large physical distance between us right now, and even though I may not be able to witness these events with my own eyes, I am still celebrating them with you. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Truth. I’ve been able to move to Kuwait because of you- because of the experiences we’ve had together and the support you’ve shown me. Isn’t that incredible to think about? That the experiences we have each and every day may be the ones that impact someone else’s life in such huge ways? Whether it was you that gave me an extra tight hug, flashed a huge smile, or told me, “I’ll pray for you.” Whether it was you that taught me how to be a teacher, or learned how to be a teacher alongside me. Whether you shared with me in a classroom, in a yoga studio, in a pool, in church, at home, at the lake, at camp. Whether we laughed together, danced, cried, fought. Whether you love me or hate me… or aren’t quite sure what to think of me. Whether I met you once or have spent countless hours beside you. You are important and lovely and I thank you for letting me be here, and for letting me experience this remarkable journey. I thank you for coming along with me on this trip. Love you.

5 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. You are looking very beautiful there in Kuwait, Annie. And your thoughtful message is equally beautiful. May you and Kuwait have a lot to give to each other.

    Love, Grandma and Grandpa Wiegel


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