First of all, I’m going to say- check out the cover on this notebook. Not only is it covered in a vibrant display of roses, plaid and more roses, it’s also put together so that if the outside cover is right-side up, the inside is upside down. It just took me a good minute to come to terms with the idea that no matter which way I flip it, there will always be a portion left facing the wrong way.

WP_20150307_001   WP_20150307_002

But, no one is perfect. As I write in this upside down right-side up notebook, I’m looking out at a bright blue sky covered in creamed misty bubbles of clouds on the way from Kuwait to Jordan. I am aware of what’s to come yet so unsure what to expect that a tranquil adrenaline fills my body. The research has been done and the Pinterest ins have been hung, but there is a mysterious gift lying ahead that only time will unwrap. This trip is going to be different than anything I’ve experienced, I can tell. It’s going to be captivating, eye-opening and mind-boggling. It’s going to be historical, cultural, social and natural. I’ve never felt this sort of uneasy giddiness before but it’s here now. Soon enough,the reason will become apparent.

Arabian M&Ms drinking turkish coffee might help start the journey off right!

Can I say it? Can I use my least favorite word in all the English language? Has the time really come when this clichéd word proves to be the only one worth using? A word more overworked and overused, more cringe-worthy than the loathed adjective ‘moist’ is to some? Yes the time has come. This trip is going to be…. Epic. It hurts even to read those four letters. Epic.In spite of its banal familiarity, it is the most perfectly formed word to describe whatever is around the corner. Let the epicness begin! (While you’re waiting for the ‘epicness’ to begin here, take a look at this video. Imagine having these boys in class. Bonus points for sure!)

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