Venezuelan Remembrances

Here’s a link to posts made during my first trip abroad. This month marks 7 years since the first stamp on my passport. My goodness how things have changed since then! Venezuelan Remembrances  

untitled (2) copy
Parapente in Venezuela

We took courses, researched, and wrote paper upon paper about the art, education and culture of Venezuela. Entirely in Spanish! We gained amazing friendships with Americans and Venezuelans alike, learned how to cook and to love Arepas with squeaky cheese, a Venezuelan staple which I still make from time to time today. I spent my 21st birthday chasing anteaters, fishing for piraña, and catching Anacondas from the most isolated parts of the country. We jumped off a cliff at sunset to enjoy a smooth sail down to steady ground a la parapente, spotted monkeys, capybara, and slept in hammocks as lightning storms stewed in the skies above. I spent two months ‘showering’ from only a bucket and water heated on a stove top, picked eggs fresh from the chicken pen in the mornings, and learned to smile when all I wanted to do was cry (hey, that first time so far from home is hard!)

There she is! An anaconda found in the Venezuelan wilderness.  What a dreamy 21st birthday present!

I gained so much during that trip, and didn’t want to go back to Minnesota. Not because I didn’t love life in the good old city of Minneapolis, but because I loved the continuous changes occurring from within and the open mind I was experiencing while in Merida. Luckily, I am still able to continue that growth today and reflect on the past with so much love and admiration for each moment that has passed. P1010502 Enjoy 21 Year Old Me at Venezuelan Remembrances 

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