Singing in the Rain: Stockholm’s Royal Lesson

Some days we want to be free. To sing, dance, and laugh in the rain.

Many of us find that to be a challenge.

Few of us can escape from the constraints holding us back.

Today was a drizzly day in Stockholm. We waited impatiently under an overhang on the edge of the Royal Palace’s courtyard. It seemed that rain was following us across Europe, and we wished for a smidgen of clear sky to appear so we could continue through Old Town’s picturesque pedestrian streets.

Most tourists to the Royal Palace had also sought shelter, or at minimum had found relief under colorful umbrellas.

Two persons were not as fortunate as we. The Royal Guards on duty remained stately, standing still and without shelter as rain permeated their navy blue uniforms. As the rain intensified a woman walked through the open courtyard, taking her place not 10 meters in front of a guard. Dressed in black pants, a jean jacket, and with a black hood protecting her from not only the rain but also from being identified, she too stood in stillness. Soon after her friend, a bit more animated in her movements, joined to stand side by side.

Over the rain, we heard an operatic voice fill the air. Luminous melodies floated from her soul as she stood face-to-face with the palace’s protector. A quick smile emerged on the guard’s face, unsure how to properly, Royally, respond.

The rain only intensified as a passionate sonata enveloped Stockholm’s stately grounds. As her song concluded, the two friends shared an excited hug and walked casually away as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. We were left pretending teardrops were raindrops, and the goosebumps we had were just from a cool breeze blowing by.

Afterward, I found the two young women and asked, “Why?”

Her response: If these guards had to stand in the rain all day, why not bring some sunshine to them through song?

Escape those constraints, burst through the rainclouds, and go for it: Spread your light however you can.

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