Greek Islands – A Photographic Fulfillment

When a last minute decision leaves you booking a flight to Greece just two days before takeoff, what do you do? You contact a cruise ship and ask if they have any extra space.

“Yes?” You ask, “One room?” Sold!

Embarking on a cruise as a solo twenty-something year old female traveler isn’t as typical as, say, a retired couple or a group of high school students. I found myself to be the only solo traveler on the entire ship and had a marvelous time joining others during breakfast and dinner, along with the occasional stroll through one of the magnificent towns we docked at.

Take a look for yourself, you’ll see just how spectacular the Islands of Greece truly are! ps- Yep, all these photos are by yours truly. Enjoy! xoxAnika

Click on a photo to browse through the images up-close:

10 thoughts on “Greek Islands – A Photographic Fulfillment

  1. Great pictures! I love the colors and the bright white in contrast. It looks so stunning! I also really like the collage effect of your picture page. It looks really cool 🙂


      1. After studying abroad in Germany in spring 2006, I took a ferry from Athens to Paros for a few days and then onto Santorini for a night. I loved Santorini. I wish we had booked a longer stay there.


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