Meteora Greece – A Photographic Fulfillment

Meteora, Greece ranks as my favorite place in the entire world. And that’s saying a lot! I will admit, the photos don’t do this gorgeous land justice, but they’re worth a look.

Meteora is an ancient land, with civilizations dating back to the eleventh century. Monks built monasteries high atop these magnificent cliffs, and often found solitude in small caves obscured in their shadows. Today, only six monasteries survive.

Traveling from Athens, I stayed in Meteora for three days, hiking the hills and taking in the fresh air. The locals were charming, inviting me to sample homemade foods and wines, letting me stay in a local pub while a group of men gathered to watch the news as they do on a nightly basis, and conversing with me as we walked the high roads.

Peace and solitude. Fresh air and fantastic views. Can life get any better?

Click on a photo to browse through the images:

3 thoughts on “Meteora Greece – A Photographic Fulfillment

  1. Ahh, I’m living through your photos! We’re currently in Greece, finishing a cycle tour of Europe and don’t have the time to visit Meteora. It looks so beautiful and your photos make me want to find a way to make our way there. Greece has been such a wonderful place to relax and we’ve enjoyed our time here!


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