Denmark: An Introduction


You may have noticed that the beginning of this summer’s two week trip was entitled “Sibling-Style Euro Trip 3.0.” In 2013, a Spring Break trip led us from Geneva to Grenoble, then to Rome and Venice. It was a quick trip, my first taste of Europe. In 2014, I returned: again to Geneva and Grenoble, then on to Northern France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. On that second trip, we really hoped to travel farther north into Denmark. Nearing the Scandinavian country but not quite reaching it, we decided 2015 would be the year.


Why were we so adamant?
Three small items lured us there.
A statue.
A brewery.
A Shakespearean play.


Three very different yet very enticing monuments.
Along the way, we found other memorable sites:
A bridge.
A park.
An apartment.


I’m going to break each one into its own post, as each is distinct and deserves its own moment of fame.

Stay tuned as I introduce you to Denmark.


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