Wind Turbines of Orsund Straight, running between Denmark and Sweden Learn about the journey at

EuroTrip 3.0 : The Video

Sit down for four minutes and explore individual days, trips and incredible stories made during our third Sibling European Trip. No reading involved!

Now you’re intrigued!

Don’t worry, you can still read all about the stories from this year’s trip when we met in Bilbao, Spain, then went to Pamplona for San Fermin Festival: Running of the Bulls! After a few weeks apart, we reunited again to explore Hamburg Germany, after which we headed north and saw a magnificent site at the Swedish Royal Palace, discovered Stockholm Sweden and cruised through its Archipelago, and took the train Copenhagen Denmark. In Denmark, we spent a night with Shakespeare at Hamlet’s Castle and found our namesake: Mikkeller Brewery along with The Little Mermaid! Next it was on to Oslo Norway, including a trip through the Fjords. Finally, we visited a German Concentration Camp, and parted ways in Berlin Germany.
Here are the best of the best moments from this year’s trip.

To My Big Bro,
Thanks for being the best and the ultimate travel companion!
Love, Your Lil Sis

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