Petra Jordan the Video: TWICE in a Lifetime!

The Ancient City of Petra is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity I was lucky enough to have twice, and would visit again in a heartbeat.

During my last visit, I wrote about the mysteries beyond Petra’s well-known treasury which I still find to be an accurate portrayal.
This time, I decided to document with video.

Ready, set, enjoy!!

Welcome to Petra

PS- This is my first video… let me know what you think in the comments. All thoughts are welcomed!

Curious as to how the trip ended? CLICK HERE to take a look at photos from our return to Israel with stops in Eilat and at the Dead Sea!

26 thoughts on “Petra Jordan the Video: TWICE in a Lifetime!

  1. Wow, so great to travel with you and see it. Did you find the border crossing easy? So you got a bus from Tel Aviv to the border then a taxi to Amman? Was it expensive? Apart from Petra, is there much to see in Jordan, how long would you reccomend?


    1. Last February I went to Jordan and spent 5 days which was great- I flew in to Amman and stayed in the city 2 nights, then down to Jordan via Kings Highway with a stop at the Dead Sea (private taxi if you want to stop there, Jett Bus if you just want to go Amman to Petra). Two days in Petra, take the bus up to Amman and out
      This time I came from Israel by bus, yep! Crossing is no problem. You do have to walk, but it’s not as bad as many say (at least not in the winter when it’s not so hot out). From there we took a taxi which is a set price of 49JOD to Petra no matter how many go with you. From Petra we took the same taxi service back to Aqaba and across the border to Eilat. I highly recommend staying in Eilat for a night or 2 if you do cross over to Israel. Jordan and Petra are expensive. Traveling solo for 5 days the first time, I spent roughly 700usd for all entrance and visa fees, transport (remember I was alone on the first trip so didn’t split the taxi with anyone) Check out other Jordan posts, especially about King’s Highway, to see what else there is to do – a lot centers around religion, but it’s pretty great to think of all those who were there before you whether you’re religious or not! Here are other Jordan posts for you!


  2. Enjoyed seeing your experience. I believe you were asking for comments on the video itself. It may be a skosh long. Most of the videos I have watched from other bloggers have been quite a bit shorter than almost 8:00 minutes. I’m no expert at all, just what I have noticed.


    1. Thank you Arnie for the feedback. I agree it was a bit long… I wasn’t sure what more to cut out (there were many many more clips left out). There are so many great things to see!


  3. That looks incredible, and I want to go even more now!
    Being based in Dubai, I guess I have no excuses! Thanks for sharing this video 🙂


    1. Thanks! I use a Canon SX60 for all photos and videos, and use iPhoto and iMovie for all editing. Keeping it simple, with results I’m loving 🙂 I made several not-so-good videos in the past, but patience and persistence are paying off. Give it a go!

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  4. Loved the video – Petra looked awesome & colder than I thought, even for winter! I like travelling in the cooler weather though – I don’t do heat very well! 😊 Shared your video via google + too!


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