After a short hiatus, Miss Maps’s Featured Female Traveler is back!

Let me introduce you to Lerato Bambo! Lerato is an African name of Sesotho origin meaning ‘love’ and Miss Lerato is from Pretoria, South Africa’s capital city.

Road Trip in Mpumalanga, South Africa - Lareto - Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler
Road Trip in Mpumalanga, South Africa – Lareto – Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler

Lerato (pronounced “Lee-Rah-Two”) is a 22 year-old travel blogger at SimpLee B. On her site, she shares information about all things travel and beauty related. Whether you’re planning to visit South Africa, wondering how you can stick to a budget while abroad, or looking for the hottest shade of lipstick, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the wealth of knowledge shared on Lerato’s site.

Her first trip out of South Africa was to Lesotho, a landlocked country surrounded entirely by South Africa. Since then she’s continued to travel, calling Dubai her favorite destination:The city of luxury, culture and mind-blowing architecture.”

Selfie in Istanbul, Turkey - Lareto - Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler
Selfie in Istanbul, Turkey – Lareto – Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler

She also recently spent time in Turkey, and shares those tales along with other travel insights in our interview below:

MM: What is your favorite destination? What makes it special to you?
L: Turkey, I fell in love with Turkey and I keep going back. I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit around Turkey to places such as Istanbul, Marmaris, Izmir, Ankara, Cappadocia and Bursa.

MM: What destination would you recommend for other females to visit? Sell it to us!
L: South Africa also known as the ‘rainbow nation’ because of its cultural diversity. We have 11 official languages and most people are multilingual. There is no “best season” to visit SA… because ALL seasons have unique experiences to offer! It doesn’t matter where I go – the food is never as great as South African food especially the meat. SA is really amazing and a visa free country for most international travelers.

MM: What advice would you like to share with other female travelers?
L: It’s so important to research and let go of stereotypes before visiting any country. When you arrive, be curious. Soak up as much of this new place and experiences and never stop exploring.

MM: What destination is on your radar? What about it attracts you?
L: New York City, I’m intrigued by Americans.

MM: Have you travelled alone? If so, how did you find the experience? What were the highs or the lows? Anything you would recommend for others looking to travel alone for the first time?
L: It’s easier to travel alone as you can make your own plans and do as you wish and you don’t really have to wait for anyone’s approval. When traveling alone I’d advise you to update your social media constantly so people can have an idea about where you are at all times incase something happens.

Shopping in Milano - Lareto - Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler
Shopping in Milano – Lareto – Miss Maps Featured Female Traveler


MM: What is your most memorable travel moment?
L: Everyone I meet is memorable to me. There is not enough words to describe how amazing people can be, I always take time to speak to people and learn about the different cultures.

MM: What place is on top of your bucket list?
L: New York City. I’ve never been to the US and I would love to go soon.

Are you, like me, eager to learn more about the stories Lareto has shared? Connect with her at:

Blog: SimpLee B
Twitter: @leratolb_
Facebook: Simply LB

Happiest travels, Lerato! And perhaps one day we can meet in SA or the USA!
xxAnika – Miss Maps

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