The Canals of Venice Italy - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Venezia: Venice Italy in Retrospect

When in Venice, take plenty of photographs.
There is no place like this in the world.
Musical. Theatrical. Artistic.

Perfect for foodies, families and more-so, couples.

Dangerously delicious.
Dangerously romantic.

An awkward place to travel as brother and sister.

Here are photographs from Venice, Italy – from our 2013 trip to the Floating City.

It’s everything you expect and more.

Click on a photograph to view the images of Venice up close:

3 thoughts on “Venezia: Venice Italy in Retrospect

  1. I can barely remember Venice. I was backpacking Europe with my bestie and well, as you might imagine, much of that trip is well, frankly, a blur! 🙂 I do remember marveling at the canals and staring endlessly at how the house walls were literally in the water. I loved seeing the washing strung out over canals between buildings. Love your life of travel! #welldone! Enjoy those experiences with the bro, my best friend’s like my sister, so I get that one… of course, we were both single…


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