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Iceland: Land of the Free

I was lucky enough to travel to Iceland for five days, and spent the entire time pinching myself to see if I was alive or just dreaming. It turns out, I was very much alive, and captured some images you’ve got to see.

They say a picture is worth one thousand words. So here are 27 (that’s 27000 words!) to help you better understand Reykjavik, Iceland’s astounding beauty. Stay tuned for photos of other parts of the island – there will be one album for each day I spent exploring. There really is no other way – it is just THAT amazing of a place! 

Take a look at the slideshow:

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Mountains stand tall, keeping to themselves a secret, a ticking clock of fire exploding only when ground gives way to internal pressures. Rolling into sea, bubbling mounds of hardened lava cover stretches of land lasting for miles. Reindeer with antlers just poking through roam freely, signs warning drivers to keep a lookout to avoid coming head-to-head with Rudolph. Horses run in herds, manes hanging over brow to obscure their eyes like a supermodel in the midst of a wind-blown photo shoot.

While driving shoreside, the continuous sight of volcanos’ powerful disruptions lead eyes and mind into a numbness, broken free by birds gliding through azure skies.

Beaches black from ash glistening in the never-ending twilight, inviting brave souls to bare skin until frigid air overwhelms. Green mounds of bubbling earth create a meadow of unknown components.

Opting to skip the arctic sea, those yearning for a natural bath take a dip in opaque white haters tinted to the lightest shade of ice blue. Steam floats in a heavy fog above nature’s own thermal pools, leading to a deprivation of senses from all surroundings. When waters become uncomfortable to touch, bathers emerge and skip quickly to neighboring pools, where earth has decided upon another temperature. This one, perhaps more ideal than the last.

Waters turn drastically more cold a short distance away. Looming beneath the liquid’s surface, a shard of ice waiting for its time to shine. Surfacing piece by piece, it slowly breaks apart as summer’s sun brings daytime temperatures above freezing. Large notches break free, earning themselves a breath of fresh air. Gusts of wind decide an iceberg’s final position, tumbling them to one side or another. Simultaneously, smaller pieces sneak their way back into the icy waters, slowly creeping back to their roots and continuing an iceberg’s limited circle of life.

A land of remarkable contrasts. An island of unmet allure. A space of spontaneity.
A place of Earth’s infinite freedoms, and a home of the real rough and tough brave.

No words are powerful enough to describe the dynamic wonders of Iceland.


Or click on an image and flip through the photos at your own pace:

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