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The Struggles of Glamping at Slovenia’s Big Berry

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Maybe I should’ve stuck with the normal camping. The kind where I can zip and unzip a nylon tent and not worry about how to secure a sliding glass door. Instead, I’d opted to try out the new form of camping: the glamorous spinoff where door types are truly just the beginning of a world of differences.

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Growing up, we’d gone camping every summer in the Northwoods of Minnesota. We’d drive for hours to escape city life, finding a site in a forest of overgrown pine trees. We’d unpack the car and spend hours unpacking and unrolling a tent, fitting together metal poles, hammering stakes into the ground for security, and shuffling sleeping bags into Tetris puzzle patterns within. At night, we’d light a fire using every scrap and stick we could find, roast hotdogs in hopes of cooking a few without the all-too-common ‘black on the outside, raw on the inside’ look, and follow them up with marshmallows pressed between chocolate squares and graham crackers. Our garbage was hung from a tree to keep out animals, and more than once I remember running from bathroom stalls with bats swinging from the rafters. The summer night’s cold easily seeped past the thin nylon walls of our tent and we’d curl into tight balls to keep in as much warmth as possible. When it was time to leave, the process of jamming everything back into it’s too-small bag and airing out all that had been touched my morning dew took more time than the initial set-up.

Many memories from my childhood involve moments like this, all looked back upon with a warm heart. It taught us patience and led to great campfire stories, loads of time exploring a few of Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes, and those irreplaceable family bonding moments over the adventurous struggles of camping.

Click on an image to see the photographs of Southern Slovenia up-close:

But here, at a campsite on the border of Croatia and Slovenia, the struggle was different. I didn’t need to unpack anything but my bag, didn’t need to worry about lighting a campfire or eating raw hotdogs. Rather than bats hanging out in the bathrooms, I was able to enjoy a warm shower accompanied by boutique washes and lotions. I slept peacefully each night in a queen sized bed with white linen sheets and woke each morning to breakfast hand-delivered to my doorstep.

The living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and second bedroom complete with two bunkbeds were all climate controlled. Wifi, a flat screen TV, a front porch facing the river, and a jacuzzi made this space different than any other campsite I’d been to growing up.

Click on an image to see the photographs of Big Berry up-close:

At Big Berry Campsite, the only struggle I had was figuring out how to lock the sliding glass door. And that struggle lasted but thirty seconds, as one of the interns quickly came to my side and showed me the best technique. From there on out, I’d be spending four days living a struggle-free life of luxury on the banks of the Kolpa River.

I’ll be sharing more experiences from my time at Big Berry in upcoming posts. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out the Big Berry site HERE!

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