Riga Latvia Through the Looking Glass

One photo of Riga had me jumping for joy.
It is a photo of a salmon colored building, its roof scaled rather than straight.
It was special, but I wasn’t sure why.
I was soon to find out that it wasn’t the only building in Latvia’s capital city that held a special charm.
I’ll bring them to you slowly, but for now let me give you a little taste.

Arriving early morning, I had plenty of time to wander before check-in was available at that night’s accommodation. Wondering how to make good use of this time, I decided to create three challenges for myself. Each was related to capturing the city’s architecture through photographs. Setting out into the brisk morning, I was accompanied by quiet streets and streaming sunshine. And I couldn’t have picked a better task.

Riga is filled with various styles of architecture. Having seen a financial boom around the turn of the century, the city was quickly filled with signs of the times. Today, most still remain standing in excellent condition. Art Nouveau is intertwined with modern and with classical wooden structures. Had I longer legs, I would’ve captured the architecture straight-on. But alas, I stand at 5’6” and that’s the angle each image is taken at.

Here you go: Photographic Challenge #1

A look through the windows of Riga.

Take a closer look by clicking on an image and scrolling to the next:

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