Miss Maps Moves to Myanmar


Miss Maps is about to map out a new territory!

Soon, you will have traveled with me to every country in the EU – with or without Brexit!
Your support has been phenomenal, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I.

Remember when we spent Easter with the Queen?
Went to Running of the Bulls and Red Bull Cliff Diving?
Reunited with Family in Croatia?
Cheered at Le Tour de France?
Spent a month in Cyprus?
Went Canyoning in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
Glamping in Slovenia?
Or that unforgettable Night in Jail?
Oh, the memories!

And still there are still several posts to read, photos view and even a few videos to watch from these final weeks in Europe.

SO WHAT’S NEXT? From Europe, where will Miss Maps Map Next?
If you haven’t guessed from the title already,


It rolls off the tongue better than “She sells sea shells” but will bring us to the seashore just the same.

Why Myanmar?
Miss Maps is more formally called Miss Maps M.Ed and will be going back to the classroom for six months to teach fourth grade (gulp!) in the country’s capital city, Yangon!

So that means no more traveling? No more blogging?
Myanmar is roughly the size of Texas, and has PLENTY to discover within its boundaries. Think golden pagodas, diamond studded temples, rocks teetering on the sides of cliffs held in place by a single strand of Buddha’s hair. Think noodle soup for breakfast, men in skirts, a new language, religion, culture. There is enough to keep us busy for a lifetime in Yangon! Six months is peanuts.
For travels outside of Myanmar, Yangon offers access to the rest of Southeast Asia, with direct flights to Bangkok (which will actually be my first stop!) and from there… the world is ours!
Also, there are so many projects I’d love to work on that traveling full time has not allowed me to do. Here, I hope to set some of these into motion!

Are you hesitant about anything? Afraid for your safety? Your comfort? This is Asia after all, no more Europe!
Yes, actually. Thank you for asking. I am very very afraid of one thing… slow internet. Apparently the country is known for extremely slow internet. That, my friends, is a scary thing.

Are you ready?
Are you? Yes of course! Let’s go!

Remember, there will still be posts coming at you about Europe. Make sure to stay connected as I bring you adventures from Finland, Russia, Malta and Liechtenstein!

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Pack your bags and let’s do this!
(squeals of delight)

aka: Miss Maps M.Ed 😉


8 thoughts on “Miss Maps Moves to Myanmar

  1. Happy too. A new experience being a grade teacher and a place to call home for awhile. Was so great to talk to you and Ben. Hope neither of you pulled any muscles with the move. Love grdma


  2. Great to see and feel your inexhaustible passion for travelling anika! I am done of living off the backpack. Fantastic that you have a new job that combines both of your interests. You have to tell me how you applied for your job


  3. Congrates to new journey.
    But pardon me I have one problem with your map, your map is not showing correct map for India, which is my country. Top head of India, in the region of Kashmir, you have shown wrong demarcation, please correct that.
    Thank You 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I’m sorry the map is wrong- and thanks for letting me know! Unfortunately, it is a map from Wikipedia Commons, not one I created myself. If I had the power, I would correct it. But to all – let it be known! Thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

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