A Helsinki Scavenger Hunt

In preparation for a celebratory trip to Russia, four typically solo female travelers joined forces in Helsinki.

How did we end up there together? Read the intro story HERE

What did we find in Helsinki? Besides thousands of man Man Buns?  We humored ourselves by seeing how many scavenger hunt sites we naturally came across from a map picked up at the airport. Find the map HERE

Travel is what you make it. Seek out the little things, and you’ll quickly appreciate the place for its authenticities.

While there are 36 opportunities listed on the map, here’s what we found. Click on the the first image and slide from one to another to see the photos up-close!


Which do you think is the best depiction??

(Also, quick note to those who are unaware of what a man bun is. We were not staring at derrières all week. When we were staring at backs of heads – at men whose locks were tied up in sleek ponytails and left in tight buns. Man buns. Soon to be added to the scavenger hunt map!)

Ready to hear about our trip to Russia? It’s coming soon, don’t you worry!

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