Asia’s Imperfect Perfections

Hi darlings! How are you? It’s been a while and I miss you all!
‘What’s been going on lately?‘ you ask.
I’ve moved from Europe to Southeast Asia. Stopping in Bangkok for several days, I made my way to Myanmar and have developed an extreme love/hate relationship with this country. WAIT until you hear the stories and see the photos – I can’t wait to share them with you!
So why the delay? Technology, my loves
a) As a newly opened country, internet in Myanmar is still developing slowly slowly slowly… and only rarely is it quick.
b) My computer crashed HARD last week, erasing everything. EVERYTHING. Including FONTS! Did you know that was possible? Guess what one can write with no fonts? NOTHING! Hence, plenty of stories, no way to share them with you.
c) My external drive… the one with all photographs, documents, writings, etc. has decided it no longer wants to wok. Despite being only 7 months old, it seems to have expired prematurely. It has now chosen anonymity no matter the computer, the connecting wire, and the amount of hugs and kisses it receives. Its backup? What I have backed up is in France at my brother’s place. Bugger. That’s less than convenient, but at least it’s somewhere!
For now? I have no idea. I purchased a third external in Paris’s airport while en route to Bangkok a month back, but it doesn’t want to connect either.
d) Let’s put this all into perspective as a blogger:
Poor internet, failed word processor, failed hard drive.
Please, to the best of your ability, send all the positive vibes you can. In the past month, I’ve survived living with live rats, scooping up dead rats, overcoming diseased street dogs and have fallen in love with 25 year-4 students. You’d think I could tackle a bit of technology’s setbacks, right?
Only with your support!
Thank you for your understanding and patience. I promise it will be worth the wait!
xoxAnika  – Miss Maps mapping Myanmar

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