Miss Maps Is Officially A Published Author – SoloScapes Magazine is Ready for Purchase!

That’s right, loves –

Miss Maps, Anika Mikkelson, is officially a published author!

Miss Maps is entering new territory in the travel industry with a BRAND NEW MAGAZINE!


SoloScapes – The Solo Traveler’s Guide to the World is now available on several different sites. The idea behind SoloScapes is to provide more in-depth information about specific locations around the world. each month, a certain country or area will be the main focal point. You’ll get travel tips, packing lists, plus more outstanding photos and travelogue-style stories! In the near future, you can look forward to one-on-one interviews, articles from other top-notch journalists, and spectacular photographs to fuel that wanderlust jetpack sitting under your office desk (Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss until it’s full and ready for you to strap on for your next big escape!)

First, check out JooMag, where you can subscribe for an entire year’s worth of issue or purchase each issue by itself. Either way, open your heart and trade tomorrow’s coffee for a cup of hot off the press SOLOSCAPES! It’s available by emagazine and for print in a high-quality matte version which is soft on your fingertips and easy on your eyes and pocketbook!

Imagine, you get to indulge in a thousand dollar vacation for less than you’d spend on  a single flip flop (without its must-have mate!)


PS – SoloScapes will be coming to Kindle and iBooks, so keep your eyes open for other Solo Escape opportunities!

Thanks for your love, and enjoy the Magic of the Maldives!


Making New Friends - Maafushi Maldives - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps - www.MissMaps.com
Making New Friends – Maafushi Maldives – by Anika Mikkelson – Miss Maps – http://www.MissMaps.com

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