From Ella to Kandy by Miss Maps -

From Ella to Kandy Sri Lanka : The Video

The train ride from Ella to Kandy was one of the highlights of my trip to Sri Lanka. Not only did I connect with my Sri Lankan Soul Sister and her charming daughter, we also enjoyed a view of mountain, sea, and everything in between.

While connecting over stories of life, love and trust, we watched the world go by in the form of tea gardens and waterfalls. We were joined by a gentleman visiting his son, offering homemade milk toffee and a proposal to become my father-in-law along the way.

The views were only enhancements of the six hours we spent together  – and they’re well worth a share!

Come with for just few moments on the Sri Lankan Railway:

Sri Lanka is a place that I highly encourage anyone and everyone to go. Tourists from all walks of life were enjoying holiday – Surfers, families, retirees, and solo travelers like myself. It’s especially advisable for those who’ve been wanting to travel India but are timid to do so, as you’ll have a similar culture by way of religions, kindness, nature, and food, but will face less crowds and feel (in my experience) more secure.

When you plan your visit, use Seat 61 for train schedules and information. It is the very best site I’ve found for travel around the country!

In the meantime, whip up a batch of the succulent Sri Lankan Milk Toffee and serve with a cup of hot tea. Don’t forget to balance it with a large splash of condensed milk to make your day extra sweet, the Sri Lankan way.

Here’s to good food, good views, and good company! xoxAnika

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