Serengeti Observations

To visit the Serengeti is to observe a world you’ve never before known.

A lioness and her cubs sit overhead, their weight heavy upon shaded branches.

Wildebeest gather in thousands, bodies a mixture of ox, zebra, burly buffalo.

Giraffe frolic as though on strings, controlled with quick jerks and rolled releases by an unseen puppeteer hiding in marble clouds.

Young hyenas peak from behind their mother’s mangled mess of coat, garbage disposals unfazed as her piercing laugh announces tonight’s dinner.

Acacia trees pierce the cerulean sky, their unforgiving tendrils home to vultures silently observing the broken land below.

A courtship reoccurs every fifteen minutes, Simba nibbling at Nala as she lies in preparation, exhaustion pushing her deep into their mating nest.

Ragged rock in shallow water turn like mirages into river elephants : hippopotami wedged together in baths of mud.

Silver streaks obscure from sight fluffed cubs of energy, young cheetah pouncing through grasses as they learn the ways of their world.

Warm winds whisper tales of Maasai warriors living as one with land. As one with animal.

Serengeti : Serenget : Endless Plains.

Endless Discoveries.

And we, observers.


Click on an image to see the Serengeti up-close:


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