Mikkeller Brewery on the Streets of Copenhagen

Denmark: A Brewery Found Half Way Across the World

About the Brewery:  While preparing for Sibling-Style Euro Trip 2.0 in 2014, I was living in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is known to be a proud craft-brewery locale, and its restaurants and stores respond by stocking shelves with a plethora of local and foreign brands. As Euro Trip 2.0 was approaching, a name stood out amongst […]

The Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen Denmark

Denmark: A Statue of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid now lives the life she’d once imagined: Her beautiful poised figure glows in the moonlight each night just as the young eager mermaid once dreamed. She’s constantly surrounded by walking, breathing humans, and ships sail past her just as she’d imagined. Nearly two hundred years later, she is part of our world….

Denmark: An Apartment and a First Impression Under the Sea

…Beyond the cafes, shops, and buggies, we fell in love with multi-colored homes pressed against one another, the bike lanes offering safety for furious pedal pushers. Staying just out of the main city gave us access to an otherwise forgotten part of city life and a reminder of dorm-style living as temporary as it was…

Denmark: A Bridge and a Park – Crossing the Øresund Straight

To cross from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark, there are various options. Without a car of our own, we explored local train and bus routes, as well as hopping into a ride share caravan. They each would get us from one country to the other and they each would let us experience riding over and under the Øresund Straight.