Denmark: A Brewery Found Half Way Across the World

Mikkeller Brewery on the Streets of Copenhagen

About the Brewery:  While preparing for Sibling-Style Euro Trip 2.0 in 2014, I was living in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is known to be a proud craft-brewery locale, and its restaurants and stores respond by stocking shelves with a plethora of local and foreign brands. As Euro Trip 2.0 was approaching, a name stood out amongst [...]

Denmark: A Bridge and a Park – Crossing the Øresund Straight

To cross from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark, there are various options. Without a car of our own, we explored local train and bus routes, as well as hopping into a ride share caravan. They each would get us from one country to the other and they each would let us experience riding over and under the Øresund Straight.