So excited - Canyoning on Rakitnica River - Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH - photo by

Canyoning in Rakitnica River BiH: Turning Bloggers into Boats

Canyoning… It’s a strange feeling: A steady six hours of quick transitions between extreme relaxation and extreme adventure. Never knowing what’s around the next corner or in the waters below. An adrenaline rush of constant fear overshadowed by childlike amusement. READ HERE

Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag - Sarajevo BiH - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Welcome to BiH: Ten Days of Escapades, Eats and Teachings

Adventure sports, gastrotourism, Instagram jump shots and mountains that turn hikers into ants. Visit Konjic invited bloggers from various backgrounds to experience the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I accepted with disbelief, ready (and simultaneously completely unprepared) for ten days unlike any other…READ ON!

Monument to the Multiculturalism of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - BiH - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina : A Gem is Discovered

Beyond its history of war, Sarajevo is a place of peace and solidarity. In the old town, a mosque sits near a Catholic church which sits near a Serbian church and on and on. Serbs mix with Muslims mix with Catholics. Everyone lives in peace. It’s an incredible sight and experience…