Bilbao and Portugalete, Spain : Museums, Swans, and Up Hill Treks

From Portugalete to Bilbao, we were content to travel Northern Spain via plane, train, bus, gondola and moving walkway. Once we landed in our seats on a bus toward Pamplona, we knew we were about to venture from Swan Lake to The Sun Also Rises in a few hours’ time.

What’s In a Name? A Trip to Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza, Spain. Their name stood out so brightly on a map of Eastern Spain that I couldn’t pass it up.
A quiet town complete with a bull ring, abundant mixtures of baroque and classical architecture, and the beautiful Río Ebro cutting gently through the center. A town where you can find full meals for 5 euros and plenty of sidewalk cafes to keep you hopping all day and all night. A town where many Spaniards visit during pilgrimage…

Barcelona TGIF: Tapas, Gaudi, Internationalism, Finally!

Ask someone who’s visited Spain which city is their favorite, and you will get a multitude of answers. However, you will also get one fairly consistent response: Barcelona. In my mind, Barcelona seemed like a city about to erupt from strong hues of red and yellow and mixed with a gentle white, lacy trim. I […]