Four Weeks With My Brother

During the high-intense travel portion of our trip, I indulged in a bit of romance reading, a la Nicholas Sparks’s The Lucky One. Ashamedly, it was the first book I had finished since living in Texas. Sweeter than honey and a bit more corny than the Minnesota fields I get to return to (yep, even [...]

Velo Love

We’re on our way from Grenoble to Paris after two remarkable days spent with friends and surrounded by bicis. Yesterday and today marked Le Tour de France’s 40th appearance in Grenoble. Leading up to this weekend, there was a brilliant buzz all about. Maybe it was internal, fueled by memories of riding of Transmountain in El [...]

Le Tour de France

Can I just say how many butterflies I have right now, knowing the Tour de France will swing by TOMORROW??! The butterflies aren’t just in my stomach. They’re everywhere- my legs, my arms my face... just wanting to get out and jump and shout.

Bastille Day

July 14, France's day of celebration: Bastille Day. In honor of France's big day, we decided to begin the celebration with the only true French breakfast we could think of: Crepes. We cooked up crepes with eggs. Crepes with jams. Crepes with Nutella and banana. Crepes with delicious fillings, a bowl of fresh fruit, and a [...]