His color is so striking - A man on the Holy Ganges River - Varanasi India - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps

Varanasi India: Flying Kites on the Holy Ganges River

“You meet people along the way that you know are important. They’re important so you keep them. The rest, you leave for someone else to find. I choose to be picky. It’s the best choice I  can make, and I make it each day.” She spoke with years of discerning sensibility, reflecting knowledge built up […]

A Second Chance at The Taj Mahal

Romantics take note: It’s not about the roses and the chocolates, the home cooked meals or the back rubs after a long day’s work. It’s not about the diamonds and perfumes. It’s about the building. Whether you want to impress or commemorate the love of your life, start drafting, collecting stones and strong men! Throughout […]

Kuwait's Airport Bride - Dressed in her wedding gown in Kuwait Airport - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps

Butterfly Tattoo: Kuwait’s Airport Bride

Her hair was pulled back in an up-do that clearly took hours; Her makeup was painted into a perfection that easily took just as long. The butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder was exposed, underlined with a white sash below which was a identically colored dress fit for Cinderella herself.

She looked like a princess in every way but one: The ring on her finger….