Passing by the Dead Sea and its salty flats near Ein Gedi, Israel - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Red Sea to the Dead Sea: Our Last Days in Israel

When a border crossing forces you one kilometer north of the Red Sea, you’d better take advantage.
When a bus ride takes you along the coast of the Dead Sea, you’d better take advantage.
When both happen on the same journey, you’d better put on your swimsuit and shades, and get ready for some busy beach days!

Petra Jordan the Video: TWICE in a Lifetime!

The Ancient City of Petra is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity I was lucky enough to have twice, and would visit again in a heartbeat. During my last visit, I wrote about the mysteries beyond Petra’s well-known treasury which I still find to […]