Kuwait's Airport Bride - Dressed in her wedding gown in Kuwait Airport - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps

Butterfly Tattoo: Kuwait’s Airport Bride

Her hair was pulled back in an up-do that clearly took hours; Her makeup was painted into a perfection that easily took just as long. The butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder was exposed, underlined with a white sash below which was a identically colored dress fit for Cinderella herself.

She looked like a princess in every way but one: The ring on her finger…. Continue reading Butterfly Tattoo: Kuwait’s Airport Bride

Flying High

103 pounds all packed up (shhh…don’t tell about the extra 3, they let it slide) 😉 Ready to hit the skies! Bonus: Jet Lag doesn’t exist in Kuwait! At least I hope not since teaching starts 8 hours after touching ground. In the carry ons: Computer, 2 books to read, 1 math book and 1 Arabic book. Water, food, makeup, and chicle to keep those ear pops to a minimum. The days that were supposed to be spent in Minnesota as they processed my visa ended up being over three weeks. Waited for the work permit. Waited for the Visa. … Continue reading Flying High