Getting Schooled in Bucharest

Here I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but: Bucharest met me with a challenge I wasn’t ready for. I can navigate streets and haggle my way through lesser developed countries. Traveling full time, I can easily call the world my home but couldn’t manage to call this ninth floor apartment by the same name. It wasn’t home.

Concert Simfonic in Pestera Romanesti - Timis, Romania by Anika Mikkelson

Life on a Romanian Monastery: Pestera Romanesti’s Concert in a Cave

The entire walkway was filled with eager ears, and the music began: musicians from Filarmonicii Banatul Timisoara (Timisoara Philharmonic) were led by a Spanish director and boasted solos by both a talented violinist and baritone…

Transsylvania Sign Bran Castle - Anika Mikkelson

Dracula’s Lair in Photos: Transylvania’s Bran Castle

Where does Dracula Dream? Transylvania’s Bran Castle in Romania was built by Teutonic Knights and once home to Vlad III, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel. Watch what you wish for in the wishing well… it might just come true!