Malta’s Masked Man

I wondered as I walked away if such was a typical occurrence on this quiet Valletta street? Had the man who’d come calling on the street beside me done so knowing a performance was on the horizon, or had he really come with a simple favor to ask of his friend? Continue reading Malta’s Masked Man

Meet Me in Malta : The Video

On a clear night, just as the sun began to set, I met with a couple of interns to film a short video introducing Malta and Miss Maps. Since then, they’ve been working hard to travel the island and surrounding areas to help bring to you the best of Malta!

Take a look! Continue reading Meet Me in Malta : The Video

Ohrid Macedonia - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Letters from Macedonia: We Made it to Ohrid!

After slowly demolishing the gut busting sandwiches (yes, I managed to finish it! Weren’t you proud?!), we aided digestion by mixing in a cup of strong Albanian coffee from the cafe housed within the ancient Turkish bathhouse. Our host said goodbye to us then, and we set out for your long awaited destination: Ohrid, Macedonia. Continue reading Letters from Macedonia: We Made it to Ohrid!