Dutchware and Dutch Waves

See No. Hear No. Speak No. Scheveningen, The Netherlands July 29, 2014 by Anika Mikkelson www.MissMaps.com

A morning trip to Delft was well worth it. We arrived mid-morning to an empty street. The store windows had signs up listing their hours, and most shop owners seemed quite content opening the doors frequently enough to earn business, and infrequently enough to allow themselves a decent holiday. To sum it up, everywhere was [...]

She’s Here!

his was an honest to goodness bucket list item, written down in a book years ago as a place I must go, a thing I must see. She had traveled the world while her home underwent a two-year renovation, which had recently been completed and reopened on June 27, just one month before we would make our arrival in Den Haag.