Life in Yangon, Myanmar : Golden Field Trips

Myanmar is a gem of a country. Some of these gems appear in the wide open spaces, and others remain hidden by jungles, lost history, and untold tales.

My ‘someday’ return will take me to those places farther from Yangon’s center. From art centers to Yangon’s Secretariat Building to Bago’s golden palaces and stupas, I was able to discover several gems close to home, and to return with a group of 50 students in tow. Here is your chance to witness Yangon’s Golden Gems.

Life in Yangon, Myanmar : Touring With the Tea Couple

“Come with us. We’re going for tea,” the wife chimed in.
I obliged and after sipping lahpet while sitting street side on plastic chairs, was taken on a whirlwind adventure throughout the Buddhist Temples and Monaseries of Myanmar – with plenty more tea stops along the way!