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Miss Maps Dreams: A Guide to AirBNB

Wondering how I managed to spend just 2000 euros in 200 days of full-time European travel? Here’s one of my not-so-secret secrets: AirBNB!

Want to live like the locals do but still enjoy some peace and quiet? Enjoy the comforts of home by staying in someone else’s home through AirBNB. You can stay in anything from a treehouse to a penthouse suite to a full blown mansion. Choose your price range, your dates, accommodation necessities and take a look. Try it just once and you’ll be hooked!

My experience:
I’ve used AirBNB mainly when traveling with others. I stayed in a shared apartment in Oslo and in Barcelona, and even used it to reserve my place on a private balcony to watch Running of the Bulls! In Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, and more – I’ve had nothing but success using AirBNB. Often, it’s a good way to meet locals and get great tips, but to maintain your privacy. It’s also a money saver in that you can often cook your own meals in the kitchen and many come with laundry machines.

Some of the AirBNB homes I’ve stayed in:

If you are arriving late or leaving early, consider booking a hotel for just that night out of consideration for your host’s sleep schedule, who will also have to be awake at that crazy hour to exchange keys.

Speaking of keys, make sure you know how to lock and unlock all the doors before your host leaves. At the apartment I stayed in in Stockholm, it took 5 minutes to figure out how to lock the door. A quick check with the host would’ve saved 4.5 of those precious minutes.

Leave their things alone. Unless your host has given you permission to rummage through their belongings, don’t do it. Put yourself in their position.

Read reviews and communicate with the host before you book to make sure you have a full understanding of what to expect.

By the way, you can also use AirBNB to make money while you travel. Consider renting out your own place while you’re away! Give your keys to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member, and get paid to travel!

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