Miss Maps in the Media

Check it out! Miss Maps aims to inspire travel, and any liking, loving, sharing goes a long way! Here are sites featuring stories, photography, and videos by and about Miss Maps’s Anika!

National Geographic : Your Shot



“Travel Style : Anika Mikkelson” by THE Johnny Jet – December 2016

“Nomad Interview : Anika Mikkelson of Miss Maps” – by Nomad Guru – December 2016

“50 of the Most Inspirational Travel Bloggers” – by Ryan Gray of Nomad Scrapbook – November 2016

“45 Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina” – Reason #21 – by Janet of Journalist on the Run – October 2016

Video : Anika, An All Around the World Travel Blogger – by NSTS Malta – September 2016

Turistickog Klastera Hercegovina : Discovering Bosnia and Hercegovina – July 2016

Turistickog Klastera Hercegovina : Hiking Biking and Rafting River Neretva – July 2016

Turistickog Klastera Hercegovina : Canyoning in Rakitnica – June 2016

Yonderbound Travel Magazine :BiH’s Blast From the Past – June 2016

Yonderbound Travel Magazine : My Night in Jail – April 2016

Yonderbound Travel Magazine : The Five Sides of Serbia – October 2015

“Wanderlust Series: Interview with Anika from Miss Maps” by She Loves to Travel – October 2015

“Women Who Travel Solo: Solo Travel in Nepal with Anika Mikkelson – October 2015

“Riding Around the World” by Sarah Alexandra George – September 2015

“Luxembourg: A Feast of Photos” by Indie Travel Guru  –  September 2015

“Oh The Places She’ll Go” by Hannah Jones featured in Prior Lake American  –  August 2015


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  1. Ruth Ann

    I love your site, Anika! What is your country total now? I just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in 2016. Happy Trails to you!

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