Can we travel to India when I 140 is in progress?

yes. as long as you have a valid H1B you can travel.

Can I travel to India when I-140 is pending?

Hi, You can travel outside the Country while your I-140 is pending; as you said, your H1-B visa is valid.

Can you travel while your I-140 is pending?

A pending or approved petition I-140 or I-130 should have no impact on an H holder’s ability to enter or re-enter the U.S. in H status.

Can we travel to India during PERM processing?

Yes, you should be fine while your employer processes their PERM papers.

Can I go to India after I-140 approval?

Yes, you can go back to India. You should opt for Consular Processing (instead of Adjustment Of Status) while filing 140 (if you want to process your GC further when your PD is current being out side USA). You can file 485 only if you are in USA.

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Can I travel to India while 485 is pending?

You can travel and your pending I485 (with or without Advance parole) will not be abandoned if you have one of these visa types to re-enter the USA: Work visas like H1B and its dependent H4, L-1, and its dependent L2. K-3 spouse or a K-4 child of a US citizen.

Can you file I-140 outside US?

If you are living outside the U.S. when your I-140 is approved and your priority date is current, you and your dependents can apply at a U.S. Department of State consulate abroad for an immigrant visa in order to come to the United States and be admitted as permanent residents.

Can I travel during change of status?

Can I travel outside the U.S. in the meantime? No, in general we discourage travel outside the U.S. while a change of status petition is pending. … Unfortunately, your change of status petition would be considered abandoned once you leave the United States, meaning that the change of status petition will be denied.

Does I-140 approval expire?

The answer to your question is no, the I-140 does not “expire.” But, you do have to keep in mind that if you let the approved visa petition sit in “no man’s land” for an extended period of time, the authorities…

Can I travel while change of status is pending?

You must not travel outside of the U.S. while the petition is pending. Leaving the country while USCIS is reviewing your petition will cause USCIS to consider your petition for a change of status to be abandoned. … Once USCIS approves your change of status petition, you may travel internationally.

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Can I travel internationally when my perm is in process?

Yes, you can travel as long as you have all the required documents, and are properly maintaining your current H-1B status in the US. … Also, H-1B allows for “dual intent” meaning you can have a pending PERM and GC application, and you would still be able to travel on your H visa.

Can you travel during PERM processing?

A pending PERM does not have an impact on your plans to travel abroad unless you are intending to apply for a visa at the U.S. consulate and such visa does not allow for dual intent.

Can we travel during PERM processing?

The PERM process does not impact your ability to travel outside the United States. However, you must establish a separate means for obtaining a visa for reentry and should notify your immigration counsel as soon as possible when you know you will travel.

Can I travel after I-140 is approved?

Permission to travel (Advance Parole): All applicants for AOS may apply to the CIS Service Center for permission to depart the United States temporarily after the adjustment application has been accepted for processing.

What is current eb2 priority date for India?

All countries in the EB-1 category are current. EB-2 China remains at April 1, 2019 while India remains at July 8, 2013.

Employment-Based Dates for Filing Chart.

Category EB-1 EB-2
Rest of the World Current Current
Mainland China Current 4/01/19 (no change)
India Current 7/08/13 (no change)
Mexico Current Current

Can I stay in US after I-140 approval?

You can remain in the U.S. beyond June 2017 if the FORM I-140 is approved and a visa is available and a FORM I-485 is filed prior to expiration of the L-1B status.

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