How do you turn off travel mode on Bumble?

How do you change travel mode on Bumble?

Here’s how to activate Travel mode:

  1. Open Settings by tapping on the grey gear in the upper left-hand corner of the app.
  2. Scroll to the Location section at the bottom and tap “Travel to…”
  3. Search the city you’d like to appear in and select it.

Can you hide travel mode Bumble?

Can you hide travel mode Bumble? You can’t hide the status in the profile. It will show to all the users. It doesn’t matter whether you are a premium user or not; status will be shown in your profile.

How long does travel mode last on Bumble?

Travel mode lasts 7 days, but you can extend it for more days if you like being there. It will cost you another 5 Bumble coins.

How does travel mode work on Bumble?

With Bumble’s Travel feature, you can change your location to another city before or during your trip — and let locals know you’re just in town for a short stretch. To use the feature, first select “Travel to…” in your settings. Then, pick the location you’re planning to visit. That’s it!

What is a travel mode?

A travel mode is essentially a template consisting of a long list of travel settings that define the physical characteristics of a vehicle or pedestrian. Those characteristics are considered when performing a network analysis to define how the vehicle or pedestrian travels and where it can go.

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