Is Frank Alexander Pierce in the tourist?

At a cafe, she receives a letter from Alexander Pearce, a former lover, with explicit directions to board a train to Venice, Italy, pick out a man who resembles him, and make the police believe that this man is Alexander Pearce. … She takes a seat across from Frank (Johnny Depp), an American tourist reading a spy novel.

Is Frank actually Alexander in The Tourist?

At the end it’s revealed that Johnny Depp’s character isn’t a schlubby community-college teacher after all. He’s actually Alexander Pearce, a man wanted by the police for an overdue payment of hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes.

Was The Tourist Alexander Pierce?

Elise tells Frank that she loves him, but she also loves Pearce. Frank opens the safe by entering the correct code, revealing that he was Alexander Pearce all along.

Does Brad Pitt appear in The Tourist?

He also told as in Venice he has actually been a tourist, and not just for the film. … On the red carpet of Piazza Repubblica paraded the protagonists Angelina Jolie – together with her partner Brad Pitt who is not in the movie but that does renounce the short Roman break – and Johnny Depp acclaimed by many fans.

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Who is the Englishman in The Tourist?

The Tourist (2010) – Rufus Sewell as The Englishman – IMDb.

What Venice hotel was in The Tourist?

Danieli in the movie The Tourist? They used Palazzo Pisani Moretta as Hotel Danieli. The Palazzo Pisani-Moretta was originally built in the 15th century but has been altered many times since then.

Who is The Tourist in The Walking Dead?

The “Tourist” is the protagonist in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. An outsider of New Orleans, he/she is one of the few survivors who initially has no allegiance to the Tower, the Reclaimed, or the Exiles.

What kind of boat was used in the movie The Tourist?


ABOVE: The yacht Vajoliroja on Venice’s Zattere. Hollywood heartthrob and Ho Chi Minh lookalike Johnny Depp is in Venice to shoot The Tourist with Angelina Jolie. Today, his yacht–the Vajoliroja–followed in the actor’s wake.

Was The Tourist a bad movie?

Expectations for ‘The Tourist’ were not particularly high. Despite having a talented cast, experienced writers (including talented Julian Fellowes) and a far from amateurish director, that it was negatively received by most critics and often cited one of the worst films of its year was a turn off.

How tall is Johnny Depp?

An unnamed source reported that Jolie was fed up with Depp: “She’s getting fed up with Johnny. Their chemistry was supposed to fly off the charts, but in private, they’re not getting along.” The source went on to say that the feeling was mutual: “Johnny retreats to his own trailer until he’s called out again.

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What book is Johnny Depp reading in The Tourist?

The name of the spy novel that Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) was reading, was the fictitious book “The Berlin Vendetta” by fictitious novelist Charles Torbett.