Question: Can I cancel my UAE visa from outside the country?

Residence Visa cancellation for a person outside UAE (longer than six months) Your Residence Visa will automatically be cancelled if you remain out of the UAE for longer than six months. If your UAE visa is cancelled while you are abroad, you must re-apply for an Entry Permit to be allowed back in.

Can I cancel my UAE visa while outside the country?

It is not essential for a person to be physically present for a visa to be cancelled and it can be done without the individual being in Dubai and also without the passport. It is no longer necessary, in most cases, for a residency visa to be marked as cancelled.

How can I get UAE visa cancellation online?

Cancel it Online

Visit the GDRFA website and initiate the process from there. Alternatively, you can download the GDRFA app, the first-of-its-kind Dubai government services smart app in the city and apply for the visa cancellation process from there. After submitting the application, visit the GDRFA office.

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What happens if you don’t cancel your UAE visa?

If you left the country without proper cancellation of employment resident visa which is followed by employer inform resignation which complied with employment termination procedures (Labor cancelation and employment permit cancellation), perhapsyour employer will report you as absconding person which leads to banned …

How can I cancel my UAE visa without sponsorship?

The Dubai resident must register a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation about the sponsor’s disappearance. My visa will expire in December 2021 but there is no sign of my sponsor, who owns the business and is responsible for cancelling it.

How long does it take to cancel UAE visa?

It usually does not take long for a UAE visa to be cancelled. In most cases, the process takes 1 or 2 working days. If your sponsor also has to cancel your Labour Card, that may take only 1 more working day, making it about three working days in total.

How many days can I stay in UAE after visa cancellation?

Residents have 30 days’ grace period after visa cancellation to either leave the country or get another residence visa. Overstaying is illegal and the violator will be subject to fines and penalties.

Can my employer cancel my visa without informing me?

Without the employee’s signature, it is not possible to cancel the employment visa. … However, in case you did not go at work for consecutive days, the employer can file an absconding case against you and request to cancel your visa without requesting your permission and without holding your original passport.

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How much is the cancellation fee for visa?

Cancelling your UAE visa will approximately AED 110. You and your sponsor will have to sign the application and then have it stamped.

What happens if my employer doesn’t want to cancel my visa?

You need to file a complaint against the employer for the cancellation of visa and shall also apply your EOSB (End of Service Benefits) without delay. If you feel appropriate to discuss the matter in details, you may contact me directly at 0509958770 for 10 mins free consultation over the phone.

How long does visa cancellation take in Dubai?

The application process may take 1 or 2 working days. If you’re an employee, the process for cancelling your labor card may take one more working day. Keep in mind that your employer should carry out this process. So, the entire cancellation process may take up to three working days in total.

Can I cancellation visa after expiry?

All visas should be properly cancelled even if someone is leaving the UAE or able to stay on a tourist visa, as they can have problems when attempting to re-enter the country on a visit visa. While a residency visa can expire and become invalid, it is not automatically cancelled.

Can I operate my bank account after visa cancellation in UAE?

You can have a bank account without necessarily being a resident of the UAE, approach your bank and advise them that your visa is cancelled but you would like to maintain the account. They might change the type of account to make it suitable for operation by someone living abroad.

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