What records did the reputation stadium tour break?

What records did reputation break?

It hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 with the biggest sales and streaming figures of the year, becoming the fifth song by Swift to top the chart and also the first solo number one by a woman with 84.4 million streams since Adele’s “Hello” in 2015 and the second biggest after “Harlem Shake” (103.3 million).

Is reputation the highest grossing tour of all time?

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour broke records when it became the highest-grossing U.S. tour of all time in November 2018, with a gross of $266.1 million and over 2 million tickets sold domestically, Billboard reported. The tour — which spanned from May to November 2018 — grossed $345.7 million in total.

What is Taylor Swift’s highest grossing tour?

The 1989 World Tour (2015) became Swift’s highest grossing and most attended tour at the time, mobilizing 2,278,647 fans and grossing over US$250 million. It became the highest-grossing tour in 2015, as well as one of the highest-grossing tours of the decade.

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What is the highest grossing stadium tour of all time?

Highest-grossing tours of all time

Rank Actual gross Tour name
1 $776,200,000 ÷ Tour
2 $736,421,584 U2 360° Tour
3 $584,200,000 Not in This Lifetime… Tour
4 $558,255,524 A Bigger Bang Tour

What records has folklore broken?

‘Folklore’ broke several music industry records

1 on the Billboard 200, staying on the top of the chart for eight weeks. In addition to holding the top spot longer than any other album in 2020, it outsold all of its competition with its first week of sales. Swift broke several other records with her album.

Will Taylor Swift re Record Reputation?

It wasn’t long before Swift outlined plans to re-record her first five albums, from her eponymous country debut to the all-conquering 1989, in November 2020, as soon as her contracts allowed (she can’t remake 2017’s Reputation just yet — most contracts block artists from re-recording songs until five years after the …

How much money did Taylor Swift make from Reputation tour?

In 2018, Swift broke the record for the highest-grossing tour in U.S. history with her Reputation world tour netting $345 million.

Who opened for Taylor Swift Reputation tour?

On March 1, 2018, Swift officially announced Camila Cabello and Charli XCX as the opening acts for the Reputation Stadium Tour.

How much did Taylor Swift make from her Reputation tour?

Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour was the highest-grossing tour in US history, grossing over $266 million. Swift spends her fortune growing her real-estate portfolio across the US and donating to charitable causes.

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Is Taylor Swift married?

Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music.

Taylor Swift
Occupation Singer-songwriter record producer actress director businesswoman
Years active 2004–present
Partner(s) Joe Alwyn (2016–present)

Is Selena Gomez touring?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Selena Gomez scheduled in 2022.

How many Tours has BTS?

The South Korean boy band BTS has performed in five concert tours (three of which have been worldwide), six fan meeting tours, four joint tours, eight showcases, and eleven concerts since their debut in 2013.

What was the most expensive concert ticket ever sold?

1. The Rolling Stones – $624. This band tops our list. It is an English Rock band from London formed back in the 60s.

What concert has the largest crowd?

Although the attendance numbers of free concerts are known to be exaggerations, several concerts have been reported to have a million audience or more. Both Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Moscow 1997 and Rod Stewart’s concert in Copacabana 1994 have been reported to attract audiences of more than 3.5 million people.

What rock and roll band has made the most money?

As of 2017, based on both sales claims and certified units, the Beatles are considered the highest-selling band. Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Drake is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units.