What should female tourists wear in Jordan?

To avoid negative attention, female travelers should wear loose clothing which covers the arms, legs, chest and the nape of the neck. Avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts, and leggings as this can be regarded as sexual clothing.

Do tourists have to wear hijab in Jordan?

Unlike Iran and Saudi Arabia, women in Jordan are not required to wear hijabs or cover up otherwise. Jordan is quite liberal compared to some of its neighbors, and in parts of Amman, nearly everyone is dressed Western-style.

Is it illegal for a woman to hug a man in Jordan?

Love is not in the air

You might be surprised to see male locals greeting each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks – the same goes for females, as this is a socially acceptable method of greeting. On the other hand, it is frowned on for couples to show affection in public, from holding hands to kissing.

Can you wear jeans in Jordan?

1) Blue jeans are absolutely normal in Jordan. Most people wear them. 2) Your wife does not need to cover her head in Jordan. Many women in Jordan are not covered, and this should not be an issue.

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Is Amman safe for female?

Amman is one of the safest capitals in the region, but female travelers should stick to accommodation in Al Balad (downtown district), Jabal Hussein, Jabal al-Weibdeh, Jabal Amman, and Rainbow Street.

How do Jordanians dress?

Jordanians tend to be fairly traditional about their dressing. They find it hard to reason why foreigners would stroll around in shabby clothes or dress like paupers if they aren’t. It’s recommended to skip revealing or scruffy clothes. Women typically dress modestly.

Can you drink alcohol in Jordan?

Jordan is a conservative society. You should dress modestly and behave courteously. It’s illegal to drink alcohol on the street but permissible in bars, clubs, hotels and private homes. There are strict alcohol limits for drivers, similar to those of the UK.

What should you not wear in Jordan?

Avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts, and leggings as this can be regarded as sexual clothing. Many female residents in Jordan wear a headscarf and those who choose not to usually keep their hair tied up. Female tourists should also try to follow this etiquette and tie their hair back.

Is Jordan a friendly country?

Jordan is a safe and peaceful nation despite being located amidst some unsafe and unstable countries like Syria, Iraq and South Arabia. … The country is home to very friendly and hospitable people who warmly welcome tourists.

What should I pack for Jordan?

What to Pack When Traveling to Jordan

  1. Warm sweatshirt and/or jacket (late fall, winter, early spring)
  2. Clothes that can be layered (late fall, winter, early spring)
  3. Sunglasses.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Hat (for sun or keeping warm, depending on the season)
  6. Water bottle.
  7. Flashlight or headlamp (for Wadi Rum and other camps)
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