What’s better Top Gear vs Grand Tour?

If you take an average of the ratings for every episode in the series, Top Gear achieved an overall score of 7.88 out of 10, vs The Grand Tour on 8.63 out of 10.

Is Grand Tour as good as Top Gear?

The Grand Tour is just as good as the old Top gear. People like to dissagree but keep in mind this is their first season, it still has things that they need to improve on but in the end it will be pretty much a continuation of the old Top Gear.

What’s more popular Top Gear vs Grand Tour?

Of all the TV shows that the Top Gear trio have presented, Clarkson’s Farm is the highest rated series on IMDb with an eye-watering 9.6 out of 10. The next two most popular entries from these motoring middle-aged marvels are The Grand Tour (8.7) and James May’s Cars of the People (8.4).

Should I watch Top Gear before grand tour?

It appears as though four solid episodes are enough for fans to start calling it – Top Gear Series 24 is better than The Grand Tour Series 1. This news might be difficult to accept for some, with only the most hardcore head-in-the-sand Clarkson, Hammond and May fans saying otherwise.

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Is Top Gear the most successful TV show?

The most widely viewed factual TV programme is the UK’s Top Gear (BBC), which airs in 212 different territories around the world. … It is currently hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (all UK).

Is The Grand Tour ending?

There has been no confirmation that the show has been cancelled. Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that The Grand Tour will continue for at least another two seasons, despite fears the show my face the axe.

Is The Grand Tour scripted?

Updated August 2021: Top Gear and The Grand Tour are arguably the best automotive shows available. … Clarkson, Hammond, and May are excellent presenters and amateur actors—at best—but it’s clear that most of their banter is not scripted and this remains one of their strengths.

How many views does The Grand Tour get?

Under them, the show had an estimated worldwide audience of 350 million, and listed by Guinness World Records as the highest-viewed factual television programme.

Which is the best Top Gear special?

The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever

  • 12×08 Vietnam Special. The boys go to Vietnam, and are each given 15 million Dong to buy a set of wheels. …
  • 19×06/07 Africa Special. …
  • 20×03 Supercars in Spain. …
  • 10×09 Britcar 24 Hour. …
  • 08×03 Amphibious Vehicles I. …
  • 11×04 Race across Japan. …
  • 08×06 The Caravan Holiday. …
  • 09×06 Stretch Limos.

Is Top Gear back?

‘Top Gear’ is back for its second spin in 2021. Top Gear 2021 presenters Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness are returning for a new series of the motoring show. … Plus, unlike the series earlier in 2021, the boys will be seen heading abroad.

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Why is Top Gear so popular?

According to CBS’s 60 Minutes, “Top Gear’s” unique storytelling method and irreverent attitude helped the show generate 350 million viewers a week worldwide, as well as a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-watched “factual” TV program.

How old is Jeremy from Top Gear?

Top Gear moved from BBC Two to BBC One for its 29th series in October 2020, after its lengthy success on the former channel since it premiered in 2002. It achieved figures of 5.57 million for episode four on BBC One, the highest since Chris Evans’ debut in 2016.

How many countries have Top Gear?

3. Global footprint: Top Gear plays in 214 territories worldwide and has an estimated global audience of 350 million.

Where is Top Gear filmed?

BBC show has a new location. The BBC has confirmed the team that makes the Top Gear will shift to Bristol from London in 2022. The popular, long-running series will continue to use the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey for filming, while its presenters will still be seen on location around the UK and elsewhere overseas.

Is Top Gear on Netflix?

Can I watch Top Gear on Netflix? You can watch some Top Gear on Netflix, but very little. Netflix Germany, France, and Switzerland, etc, have one season. Outside of these countries you’ll need a VPN to access Top Gear on Netflix.