Which has minimum interparticle attraction?

liquid and gas has minimum interparticle force of attraction. bcoz solids are tightly packed , liquid is loosely packed and gas can move freely from one place to another .

Which has maximum interparticle force of attraction?

Solid state has maximum interparticle force of attraction between them beacuse their particles are very closely packed and have almost negligible space b/w them. Also, they have negligible kinetic energy in the particles so the particles are not able to break the interparticle force. hope this helps!

What is interparticle attraction?

Interparticle forces:

The forces between ions and molecules are a tradeoff between the forces of attraction, which tend to hold the liquid or solid together, and the kinetic energy of the particles, which tends to drive them apart.

Which has minimum space between particles?

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Among all forms of matter, solid state has minimum space between the particles. The reason behind this is that the force of attraction between the particles is highest which keeps the particles packed thus creating minimum space between them.

Do solids have interparticle space?

Solids. The solid-state is one of the fundamental states of matter. The molecules of solids are tightly packed because of strong intermolecular forces; they only oscillate about their mean positions. The intermolecular space between solids is absent.

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What are the 4 types of intermolecular forces?

12.6: Types of Intermolecular Forces- Dispersion, Dipole–Dipole, Hydrogen Bonding, and Ion-Dipole. To describe the intermolecular forces in liquids.

What is interparticle space Class 9?

Inter particle space is the space between two different particles. For example if we mix oxygen and nitrogen gas then space between the particle of oxygen and that of nitrogen is called as inter particle space.

Which one of the following has maximum space between particles?

The maximum movement of particles is observed in the case of “gases”, whereas the maximum intermolecular attractions and minimum spaces between particles are ideal properties of “solids”.

Which has maximum space between particles?

Because gas particles have high kinetic energy and has a property of moving in all the directions so the space between particles is maximum in gases.

Which state of matter have maximum space between particles?

Solids have the largest inter-particles space.

What has no free surface?

Gases have no free surface .

What is intermolecular space Class 7?

The molecules can move only when there are gaps or spaces between them, this space is called intermolecular space.