Which list includes foreign affairs?

Which list include foreign affairs?

Foreign affairs and Currency are the other important subjects included in the Union List. The subjects which are of national importance are included in the Union List.

Is foreign affairs included in Union List?

Note: Security, international affairs, currency and coinage, war and peace, atomic energy, national resources, are the key subjects of the Union List.

Which subjects are included in Union List?

The principal subjects of the Union List are: War and Peace, Atomic Energy, Citizenship Defense, Foreign Affairs, Currency and Coinage, Navigation and Shipping, National Resources, Railways, Post and Telegraph, Foreign Trade, Inter-State Trade and Commerce, Banking, Insurance, National Highways.

Which of the following subjects is not included in the Union List Defence foreign affairs Police banking?

Communication is a subjects which are not included in the Union List.

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What is union list Class 8?

The Union List is a list of subjects of national importance. These include national defence, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency. These subjects are included in this list because there is a need for the formation of a uniform national policy on these issues.

What is union list Class 10?

What is a Union List ? Ans. Subjects of national importance like defence, foreign affairs, atomic energy, banking, post and telegraph are included in the Union List. The Union List has 97 subjects. …

What is concurrent list?

The Concurrent List or List-III (Seventh Schedule) is a list of 52 items (though the last subject is numbered 47) given in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. It includes the power to be considered by both the union and state government.

Is banking included in state list?

Banking, currency, communication, national resources and railways come under the union list, whereas agriculture, hospitals, libraries, fisheries, water supply, irrigation comes under the state list.

What are the items in the concurrent list?

Items on this list include: The concurrent legislative list includes allocation of revenue; antiquities and monuments; archives; collection of taxes; electoral law; electric power; exhibition of cinematography films; industrial, commercial, or agricultural development; scientific and technological research; statistics; …

How many subjects are there in the Union List state list and concurrent list?

Originally there was 97 subjects in union list but now it is 100 subjects in union list. And in state list there was 66 subjects but now it is 61 subjects. And in concurrent list there was 47 subjects but now it is 52 subjects in concurrent list.

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Why are subjects like Defence Foreign Affairs banking etc included in the Union List?

Explanation: Union List includes subjects of national importance such as defence of the country, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency. They are included in this list because we need a uniform policy on these matters throughout the country.

How many subjects are there in Central list?

The Union List or List-I is a list of 98 numbered items (after 101st Constitutional amendment act 2016, entry 92 and 92c removed) (the last item is numbered 97) given in Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India on which Parliament has exclusive power to legislate.

How many subjects are there in state list?

The state list is a list of 61 subjects that state legislatures enjoy jurisdiction over. In layman’s terms, the state legislature can pass laws and govern the said subjects.

Which subject among the following are not included in Union list?

The subject of Agriculture and Communication are not listed under the Union list and the right to make laws on this is under the ‘jurisdiction of the state’ except in few conditions.

Which of the following subjects are not the part of Union list?

Which of the following matters are not included in the Union List? I. Defence II. Prisons III. Liquor policy IV. Minor Ports V. Irrigation

  • Banking. State List. Public order and police. Concurrent List. Labour Welfare. …
  • State list. Estate duty in respect of agricultural land. Residuary power. Inter planetary outer space travel.