You asked: What app do I use for Hawaii Safe travels?

Get pre-cleared through the Hawai’i Safe Travels Program. CommonPass is a digital health app that you use to present proof that you were vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19.

Does travel Hawaii gov have an app?

Travelers should use the Safe Travels digital application found on to complete their Profile and Trip information to obtain a QR code.

How do I get a QR code for Hawaii travel?

Travelers who have a SMART Health Card from their State or provider can obtain the green QR code by using CommonPass to verify their vaccination SMART Health Card, then linking their CommonPass ID in Safe Travels (not for cruise line trips at this time).

Does Safe travels Hawaii have an Iphone app?

There really isn’t a “Safe Travels” app. It’s a digital platform only accessible through a browser.

Where can I download Hawaii safe travel app?

The application can be found at

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What is the safe travel app?

About the Safe Travel App

Developed by leading travel security experts for Apple and Android devices, our Gold and Platinum customers will be able to access global travel advice, real time alerts, news on breaking incidents, and an online document storage facility from all over the world.

Do you have to download an app to travel to Hawaii?

For transpacific and interisland travelers, downloading the exposure notification apps is a requirement to avoid quarantine for 10 days. This is in addition to a negative COVID-19 pre-arrival test from a trusted partner.

How do I contact Safe Travel to Hawaii?

General Information. (1-800-464-2924). If you need technical assistance related to the Safe Travels Program and its online form, call the Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services’ help desk at 1-855-599-0888. Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Can I visit Hawaii during Covid?

The State of Hawaii welcomes all vaccinated international travelers and is aligned with the CDC federal international requirements. Non-U.S. citizen traveling directly to Hawaii must present BOTH a vaccination record AND a negative COVID-19 test result (NAAT or antigen) within one day of boarding a flight to the U.S.

How do I create a QR code?

For Android users

  1. On the Google Chrome app, navigate to the website you want to create a QR code for.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the icon of three vertical dots.
  3. Tap Share in the drop-down, then select QR Code. …
  4. Beneath the QR code on the next screen, tap Download to save the QR code to your device.
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Is Hawaii open for travel?

For the safety and well-being of both residents and guests, the State of Hawaii has developed the Safe Travel Hawaii program to welcome visitors to the state while still preventing the spread of COVID-19 to our islands.

What app do I need to travel to Maui?

County of Maui Public Health Emergency Rules strongly recommend the download of the AlohaSafe Alert application or other Google-Apple exposure notification system application for all travelers on the Safe Travels program.

What Covid test is required for Hawaii?

Hawai’i’s Pre-travel Testing Program

A negative COVID-19 test result or proof of U.S. vaccination is required prior to departure to avoid quarantine in Hawai’i. Please link a digital health pass, or upload a negative COVID-19 test result to the Safe Travels platform.

Does Waze work in Hawaii?

Aloha to everyone interested in editing the Waze map for Hawaii! … Adding new editors who live in Maui, Kauai and Hawaii counties is an especially critical priority, as well as editors with access to military bases, but everyone is welcome — your contributions are needed.

How do I get the travel code for the safe travels app?

In order to get a QR Code, you must complete the Health Questionnaire, which is only available on the Safe Travels application for completion no more than 24 hours in advance. Once the Health Questionnaire is completed, the QR Code is emailed.

Do I need a smart phone to travel to Hawaii?

Travelers without smart phones or computers can ask a friend or relative for assistance or receive assistance at the arrival airport. Travelers without email addresses will need to create one on an email service to comply with the conditions of quarantine.

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