Your question: What’s the person who leads a tour called?

A tour manager (or concert tour manager) is the person who helps to organize the administration for a schedule of appearances of a musical group (band) or artist at a sequence of venues (a concert tour).

What do you call a person who leads tours?

A tour director is the one responsible for logistics, confirmations, planning, damage control, and group dynamics. … A tour guide gives specific narration in a place, often joining the tour group for just a couple of hours.

What is a docent tour?

Docent tour guides are an important resource at The Museum of Flight. They are trained volunteers who study and become experts in specific exhibits and aircraft around the Museum. … Docents interact with visitors, answer questions, conduct aviation and space-related talks and most of all give amazing tours!

What do you call a person who likes Travelling?

“Hodophile”. If you are saying, “what, a hodophile!” Yes, a hodophile is a person who loves to travel. Now, that’s certainly going to grab your friends’ attention next time you talk to them. “Itinerant”. Few of us hate staying in one place.

What do you call a person on a journey?

nounperson who visits a place. day-tripper. excursionist. globetrotter.

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What’s a museum tour guide called?

But in the U.S. a docent is a guide who works at a museum, a historical site, or even a zoo or a park. Docents are usually volunteers, and their services are often free of charge.

What is the difference between a docent and a curator?

Docents are volunteers who enjoy spending their free time at museums, sharing their knowledge with young and old; curators spend years researching both well-known and obscure artists or areas of history, going over the details of their collections and meticulously planning how to display them to the public.

What is indigenous guide?

The main stated aim of Aboriginal guides was to change visitors’ attitudes and perceptions of Aborigines and Aboriginal culture. They did this by creating personal links between themselves and the visitor, telling their own stories as well as interpreting the stories of the site.

What do you call a person who plans vacations?

Vacation Planners | Vacation Planning Service.

What is a wanderlust person?

uncountable noun. Someone who has wanderlust has a strong desire to travel. His wanderlust would not allow him to stay long in one spot. Synonyms: restlessness, itchy feet [informal], urge to travel, unsettledness More Synonyms of wanderlust.

How would you describe a well traveled person?

well travelled adjective (PERSON)

(of a person) having been to many different places, especially to many different countries: He was well travelled, spending at least a decade in the United States and in Europe, before settling in Dublin. She was a capable, responsible, well-travelled woman.

What is a travel buff?

This is a trivia game based around travel. … Individuals or teams seek to master travel areas by obtaining 10 points in each travel area, or 6 points in the short version. Watch as individuals or teams are declared the Travel Buff by mastering five of the nine travel areas on the game board.

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