Malta’s Masked Man

I wondered as I walked away if such was a typical occurrence on this quiet Valletta street? Had the man who’d come calling on the street beside me done so knowing a performance was on the horizon, or had he really come with a simple favor to ask of his friend? Continue reading Malta’s Masked Man

Meet Me in Malta : The Video

On a clear night, just as the sun began to set, I met with a couple of interns to film a short video introducing Malta and Miss Maps. Since then, they’ve been working hard to travel the island and surrounding areas to help bring to you the best of Malta!

Take a look! Continue reading Meet Me in Malta : The Video

Experiencing Life in Rural Estonia - by Anika Mikkelson - Miss Maps -

Experiencing Life in Rural Estonia

What’s it like to live in Estonia’s Countryside? It’s like inhaling to fill your lungs with gold, while exhaling to breathing out the big city’s toxins. Rather than run for a television remote, children let loose and run in the rain, ride bikes, climb trees and build their own toys from Dad’s scrap wood. CLICK TO EXPERIENCE life in Rural Estonia! Continue reading Experiencing Life in Rural Estonia