Best answer: How are Rick Steves Tours rated?

How many people are on the Rick Steves tour?

A small, friendly group of just 24-28 people: We’ve built our tours around small groups to maximize our ability to sightsee, dine, and sleep where mainstream groups can only dream.

Does Rick Steves take tour groups?

Rick Steves tours provide the best value for your trip to Europe. Our stress-free European vacations package together small groups, great guides, central hotels, all sightseeing — and memories to last a lifetime.

What is the difference between Globus and Cosmos Tours?

I found that the only real difference is that the Cosmos Groups stay in 3 star hotels and the Globus Tours stay in 4 star hotels and have a few more meals and better optional excursions included.

What is the difference between Insight Vacations and Trafalgar?

Insight’s deals cover particular dates, destinations and trip types. … Trafalgar tends to offer discounts on specific tours where Insight offers them more based on location.

Which is better Trafalgar vs Globus?

Globus is going to be slightly less expensive on average, however both tour companies are ideal for the budget minded. Trafalgar offers more “insider” local travel with their “Be My Guest” series, and has a wider audience, also offering tours for the 18-39 crowd.

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Is Tauck Tours worth the money?

Tauck always delivers an excellent tour experience-well worth its cost. This was my 7th tour with them. Tauck is the premiere of traveling experiences, high end but well worth the money. The ease and efficiency with which Affordable Tours put this package were exceptional.

Are Globus Tours any good?

I found Globus Tours (sold by Affordable Tours) to be a good mix of guided tours and free time. The extra excursions offered were excellent and well organized. This was a first rate, professional tour company. We had an excellent experience.

Is Cosmos part of Globus?

Like our past clients, we feel very comfortable recommending Cosmos. The Globus Family of Brands, which includes Globus, Cosmos, Monograms & Avalon Waterways are always popular with our clients.

Can stress and anxiety cause Globus Pharyngeus?

As many as 46% of people experience a certain degree of globus sensation at some point in their lives. The causes of globus sensation are uncertain, but anxiety and stress are thought to play a key role in its appearance, as is g astroesophageal reflux disease.

How large are Globus Tours?

Globus and Cosmos announced they are making their group experiences even smaller, with an average of 20 guests per departure, promising “room to roam.” For comparison, the average group size for Globus is 36 and for Cosmos is 50.

Is Insight Vacations part of Trafalgar?

Over 350 coach tours around the world, and one of our clients most popular Operators, Trafalgar is part of the Travel Corporation, which includes under its umbrella the sister brands of Insight Vacations, AAT Kings, Uniworld, Contiki & Costsaver.

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Do Trafalgar Tours include airfare?

Trafalgar shall not be responsible for matters concerning frequent flyer miles. Airfares will be provided at time of booking, will be based on roundtrip purchase, and will include air-related taxes, fees and fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines.

Is Trafalgar Tours a good company?

The Trafalgar Spanish Wonder tour was wonderful, exceeding expectations. It became obvious pretty quickly what an utterly professional operation this was. Everything was organised to the nth degree. Hotels were excellent and close to city centres, the specialist guides very informative and entertaining.