How can I apply for Serbia visa from Dubai?

Do UAE residents require visa to Serbia?

Serbia tourist visa is required for citizens of United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, at this time VisaHQ does not provide service for tourist visas to Serbia. Serbia visa for citizens of United Arab Emirates is required. For more information please contact the nearest Serbia embassy.

How do I apply for a visa to Serbia?

General visa requirements:

  1. Valid passport (passport must be valid at least 90 days from issue date of visa)
  2. Letter of invitation: …
  3. Completed visa application form: (PDF) ;
  4. Photo (size 3.5×4.5cm);
  5. Return ticket or Itinerary (copy of Driving License and Insurance if you travel by car);

Can I travel to Serbia from UAE?

Republic of Serbia is on UAE “Green list”. To enter Dubai citizens of Serbia need a PCR negative test not older than 48 hours.


For holders of diplomatic and official passports: Visa is not required.
Note: Visa is required for the holder of an emergency travel document in transit.
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How much is Serbia visa fee?

VISA D (For long term stay in Serbia up to 180 days): Money in the amount of INR2. 700 (30 euros) payable to the Consulate Section. If the visa is granted by the Serbian authorities, the amount of INR200 (2 euros) for visa sticker will be additionally charged.

How do I get an invitation letter to Serbia?

Letter of invitation:

  1. for a private visit – invitation letter certified by the relevant authority of the Republic of Serbia.
  2. for a business visit – invitation letter by a company in Serbia;
  3. for a tourist trip – a proof of payment for the trip issued by a travel agency (voucher or other type of payment receipt);

How do I become a citizen of Serbia?

If you are a foreigner who has been married for at least three years to a national of the Republic of Serbia and who has been granted permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia, you may be admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia if you submit a signed statement that you consider the Republic of Serbia to …

Which countries can Serbia enter without visa?

The Serbian passport is one of 5 passports with the greatest improvement in rating since 2006. As of May 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Grenada, Mauritius, Seychelles, Serbia and United Arab Emirates are the only countries whose citizens may travel without a visa to China, Russia and the Schengen Area.

Can I enter Serbia now?

As of July 24, 2021 the Government of Serbia is reporting that U.S. citizens may enter Serbia without a negative COVID-19 test if they possess proof of recovery from COVID-19 at least 14 days prior to their entry and no more than 6 months prior to their entry. More information is here, in English.

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How long does it take to get a Serbian visa?

It usually takes 5 to 21 working days for a Serbia visa to be issued.

How do I apply for ICA approval?

How to apply for ICA or GDRFA approval to return to the UAE

  1. How to get approval from the ICA.
  2. Step 1: Visit the ICA website.
  3. Step 2: Fill in the application form.
  4. Step 3: Fill in your passport details.
  5. Step 4: Enter your UAE details. …
  6. Step 5: Fill in details of your COVID-19 vaccine and PCR test dates.

Do UAE residents need visa for Armenia?

Do UAE Residents Need a Visa to Visit Armenia? … An Armenia visa from the UAE is not required for Emirates citizens who are visiting the country for tourism purposes for a stay up to 180 days. The visa exemption applies to Emirati nationals and to citizens of around 60 other countries too.

Is Serbia visa free for Indian citizens?

Serbia Visa FAQs. … No, Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Serbia for a short stay, if the purpose of visit is tourism, visit, transit or business. Indians enjoy visa free travel to the country.

How can apply Serbia visa from Pakistan?

Unfortunately, there are no Serbian Embassies or Diplomatic-Consular situated in Pakistan. However, Pakistanis who want to obtain a Serbian visa can either apply at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing, China or the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tehran, Iran.

Can we convert visit visa to work visa in Serbia?

The visa can be issued for single, double, or multiple entries into Serbia. Visitors with a Type C visa may not spend more than 90 days in Serbia. In order to live and work in Serbia on a long-term basis, employees will need to obtain a temporary residence permit as well as a work permit.

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